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Coping with Loss

"Even God cannot change the past."
-- Agathon

Loss comes in many forms - death, the end of a relationship, lost opportunities, lost time and more. No matter what form of loss you are experiencing, you can heal the pain and learn to cope with your sorrow.

Loss is always difficult, whether you've lost a dear family member, a close friend or even a beloved pet, here you will find help coping with your grief.

Tsunami - A Word I Won't Woon Forget
Sherry Russell shares her thoughts and insights in the wake of the tragic Tsunami disaster of Dec. 2004.

12 Self-help Suggestions For Coping With Trauma Or Loss
Tips to help you cope with the aftermath of the Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy.

Coping with Your Reactions to Trauma or Loss
We all cope with trauma and loss in our own, individual ways. There are no rules or right or wrong ways to react.

Helping Your Children Deal with the Columbia Tragedy
Children are sponges absorbing information even when it seems like they aren't paying any attention. Weather children are old enough or not to understand what has happened they will still feel and react to your swirling emotions.

Ilan Ramon, The Son Of A Holocaust Survivor And An Israeli Hero
Ilan Ramon represented to the people of Israel how far they have come in two generations. Ramon was a hero symbolizing the strength of a people. A people who that n two generations went from the horrors of the Nazi gas chambers to the perpetual heights of space.

Quick Tips for Helping Children Cope with Separation During Deployment
Most family members and those deployed are able to recognize and discover how to deal with stress related problems. They know how to relate their feelings better. They know how to research for accurate information and have had a variety of both experiences and opinions to pull from.

Raging Fires - Broken Hearts
Here in Southern California we are pre-occupied with the death and destruction accruing in the wakes of the multiple firestorms that are devouring our homes and decimating our landscapes. The televised images are almost too ghastly to watch. What will help them most is for you to acknowledge and honor the feelings that are implicit and explicit in the events that have affected their lives.

Raging Fury
Every 19 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States. Knowing this doesn't help anything. I always thought collecting information was the first thing you could do in order to have a better understanding.

Sorrow and Closure
Is saying a ceremonious "good-bye" an act of closure? Is there really anything as closure in grief?

Stages of Grief
The "Stress Doc"™ discusses the stages of grief, and "The Six 'F's of Loss and Change": Strategic Steps for Growing through Grief.

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Words of Wisdom
"The art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you a small favor wish that he might have done you a greater one."
-- Russell Lynes

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