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Safe Stress

"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back."
-- Babe Ruth

In a 24/7, "do more with less" world, with its cycles of constant upgrading and economic downsizing and the distinctions between work and home progressively wearing out, is it no wonder that today's buzzword is STRESS! Chronic stress is basically a condition where demands and responsibility are steadily overtaking one's sense of control and resources, authority or autonomy.  

Have no fear, The Bright Side featuring "The Stress Doc"™ is here to help you understand, grapple with, and take charge of your negative stress and turn it into the positive variety or "good stress."  From humorous tips to substantive strategies, you'll learn to...Practice Safe Stress!

Dealing With The Backdrop Of Fear And Confusion
We are at war. Weather you are for it or against it, it is now a horse that can't be put back in the barn. What can we do?

Hurd On The Radio Interviews
Listen to streaming audio of The Stress Doc™ interviews on Hurd On The Radio with Dr. Michael J. Hurd.

Resilience and the Art of Rejecting Rejection: Part I
Part I of this II-part series has the Stress Doc outlining five of ten strategies for trumping rejection with resilience. Recommendations range from the existential and psychological to the commercial and virtual. Are you ready to confront your "Intimate FOE?"

Resilience and the Art of Rejecting Rejection: Part II
The second and closing segment of this "Resilience and Rejection" series provides five more strategic steps, focusing on: a) a self-directed, four-step prevention or recovery plan, b) balancing and channeling feedback, and c) finding outside sources of support. Are you ready to discover "The Secret of Wisdom?"

The Stress Doc's Tips for Managing Fear in Tension-Filled Times
It doesn't take the nightly news beat of war to know the past eighteen months have been fraught with terror-related trauma and economic stress beyond the 9/11 horror. So how can you maintain some sense of control, humor and grace under pressure?

Anxiety, Worry, Stress: The Affliction of Modern Existence
Using a case study to illustrate, Dr. Schwartz discusses stress and anxiety in our times.

Alarming "You"s or Disarming "I"s:
Power Struggles vs. Powerful Strategies -- Part I

The Stress Doc™ illustrates how anger can be constructive or destructive depending on whether aggressive energy and motives are acknowledged and channeled or denied and projected.

Transforming Aggression with Higher Power "I"s:
Power Struggles vs. Powerful Strategies -- Part II

Building on the role of "You" vs "I" messages in power struggles in Part I, the Stress Doc now illustrates the passion and strategic purposefulness of a "higher power" response in the face of provocation.

The Four Faces of Anger
Examining anger through "Constructive-Destructive" and "Purposeful-Spontaneous" lenses. The result is a 2x2 matrix -- "The Four Faces of Anger -- that challenges the popular, one-sided notion of this vital emotional and behavioral response.

The Four Stages of Burnout
Four stages of burnout are highlighted - from mind-body strain and shame to cynicism, confusion and crisis. Learn why the Stress Doc calls the process "The Erosive Spiral" and why so many ask, "Doc, have you been looking in my (office) window?"

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