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Aging Well

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."
-- Anonymous

Research finds that older people report being happier than younger people. 50 isn't what it used to be, neither is 60, 70, or even 100! Today's seniors are made up of the world's most influential generations. From World War II veterans, to the youth of the 60's, today's elderly are a remarkable collection of individuals who shaped - and still shape - the world we live in.

While we cannot ignore that with age can come challenges, with age also comes experience, wisdom and perspective. As with fine wine, age can be a wonderful thing. In this section you will find information and resources to help you improve your quality of life as you age, as well as cope with many of the issues that may arise in your life. You will find resources both for the aging, as well as solace, support and ideas on how to enjoy your life and not just age, as we all must, but age well!

Advice on Sleeping Pills and Naps
You're adhering to a regular bedtime, not sleeping in on weekends, and getting enough exercise. You're eating a healthy, not too heavy, dinner and cutting down on caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. But what if you're still not getting enough sleep?

Aging Myths and Legends
Have you noticed how many misconceptions we have about seniors? Even seniors themselves have them!

All About Insomnia
Periodically we all experience a sleepless night. But for some people sleeplessness becomes chronic.

Are Your Medications Causing Emotional Changes?
All medicines, both prescribed and over-the-counter, can cause side effects. These reactions are frequently physical. They can also produce mood changes, anxiety, depression, problems in our thinking, or changes in our behavior.

Depression Is Not A Normal Part of Aging
Depression is not a normal part of aging. It's not just "a case of the blues", and it's not something you can "just pull yourself out of". It's not "all in your head" and it's also not uncommon.

Guidelines for Getting Good Sleep
Most of us need ten hours of sleep, yet few of us get that much. So what can you do to improve the quality of your sleep?

Is Your Sleep Renewing You?
Considering the fact that we spend a third of our life doing it, you'd think we'd be more informed about sleeping. Most of us take it for granted until it becomes a problem.

Seniors + Exercise = Physical and Emotional Vitality
Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important at any age. The good news for seniors is that the benefits of exercise may appear most dramatically as we grow older.

Sleep Loss Has Serious Consequences
Sometimes we think we're fully rested when we really aren't. If we are preoccupied with something stimulating, we may not notice our sleepiness.

Smart Seniors Can Help Fight Elder Abuse
Whether financial, physical, or emotional, abuse of the elderly is likely to become an increasing problem as this population grows. If you are victimized, call local police and also call the Victim Assistance Center. They can help in many ways, from offer

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